Skilaboð íbúa alþjóðasamfélagsins til Íslendinga!

Rúmlega 2.000 manns frá öllum heimshornum hafa undirritað stuðningsyfirlýsinguna Save the People of Iceland.


Stuðningsyfirlýsingunni lýkur á þessum orðum: "The people of Iceland must be internationally supported, so they can feel safe in voting down debt-slavery. If Iceland falls, it won't belong before other countries suffer similar financial extortion."


Margir skilja eftir skilaboð með undirskrift sinni. Hér er smásýnishorn af því sem alþjóðasamfélagið hefur að segja við Íslendinga.



1. The politicians in Iceland who pledged the money of the people of Iceland to support Icesave should be put on trial for fraud. It means paying debt in perpetuity to a tiny clique of banksters, who crashed the bank in the first place just to get the interest payments.

2. Iceland has now the great opportunity to make a stand against global tyranny and set a sign for the whole globe. You have our support!



1. It's terrible to see so many Icelandic people hurting... even some of my friends... losing hope... feeling cheated. It will be a long road ahead... but Iceland needs everyone's support. It's too precious to drown underneath this chaos of deception.

2. No to Debt slavery!

3. The collapse of a privately run bank due to worldwide incompetence is no just cause to throw an entire nation into crippling debt. The IMF was party to that incompetence, & is now bullying Iceland because that's how they operate. They're a dirty racket which preys on smaller countries. The way the first world has treated Africa etc. is bad enough, but to callously turn on a fellow first-world nation & actively drag it into the dirt? That is truly disgusting. I had hoped that we as a civilisation were beyond letting those with that extreme of selfishness & greed decide what we do. Clearly I was wrong.

4. Hold fast.

5. This a protest against the private corrupted power elite who run the banking cartel of this world. Your time is over. You are losing power. The people of this world are rising against you and are evolving beyond you. Oh and btw... The IMF can stuff it.

6. We don't need the power elite of the banks running this world. We don't need overageing bureaucrats who don't listen to the other human beings who live in this world!!!!!!!!!. This has gone on too long. It's time for this to stop. Go Iceland!

7. Wow. This is disgusting. It seems that medieval feudalism is making a comeback. Nothing like this would happen if their economy was larger.

8. I fully support the Icelandic people's decision to tell London bankers to bugger off.

9. When banks are once again drawing bonuses for executives - placing the onus of greed onto individual Icelanders is unethical.

10. Good luck, Iceland.

11. The crimes of fraudulent bankers should not be foisted upon an entire nation.

12. We here in Australlia Support YOU 100%. There but for the Grace of GOD go We. If not carefull we will be next. God Bless.

13. For to long now the IMF has been bulling small countries into debts that they can NEVER repay. Enough is enough it's time we ALL stand up and say NO to this.

14. If it could happen in Iceland, it could happen in other developed nations. Power to the people of Iceland!

15. Many people of Australia are watching to see that the parliment of Iceand does not capitulate to the 'Pirate Banksters' of Britain and Holland. Keep resisting these Tyrants!

16. We need to bring all the peoples of the world together to continue your good fight for the freedoms of us all RESPECT to you :)

17. This is debt is a massive scam inflicted on the Icelanders, if they get away with it there, they'll get away with it else where. It also showed how anti-terrorist legislation is not for terrorists but ordinary people.

18. Live Freedom!

19. The people of Iceland deserve to get their money back and not live under debts because of big banks bankcruptcy. We love you Iceland.

20. The people stand united against the globalist scum bankers.

21. Do not under any conditions sign away your lives into debt slavery. These Global banks will come down. We need a Revolution NOW!!

22. Iceland is on the cutting edge! Do not pay these gangsters!

23. how can anyone sleep at night knowing full well they did the wrong thing and then expect other people to clean up their mess!!! what have we become when we don't take reponsibilty for our actions.....a basic thing we learn when we are children and as adults we forget or ignore!!!

24. Don't let the bastards win!

25. Our prayers are with you, good luck with defeating the elite banking criminals and the IMF.

26. Standing behind Iceland on this is standing behind the people of the world in declaring that private, fraudulent, debts are NOT the responsibility of the public. Nor should they ever be. Samstaða með Íslandi, Frá Australia.

27. The autonomous people of Iceland are the first democratic citizens to be besieged by an emerging corporate Imperialism. With the oldest functioning parliament in the world, may Iceland maintain its tradition of freedom and escape the growing economic tyranny.

28. A private multi-national bank's failure should not be paid back by the people of Iceland! If this goes through, it could be a sign of things to come for western countries the world over. SAVE THE PEOPLE! FREE THE PEOPLE!

29. Not fair! Save this small country from shocking corporate greed.

30. Please heed the call of the people! Dont enslave Iceland!

31. "The interests of the IMF represent the big international interests that seem to be established and concentrated in Wall Street." â Che Guevara. The IMF ought to cease and desist in this brutish con. No such scheme should ever be passed on to the people to cover for a private multi-national. The IMF is a globalist, expansionist and fascist organisation. To the people of Iceland: I pray that your enemies fall swiftly at your feet.

32. The people of Iceland must be internationally supported so lets all get together help these wonderful people now.If we don't we could be next.

33. The autonomous people of Iceland are the first democratic citizens to be besieged by an emerging corporate Imperialism. With the oldest functioning parliament in the world, may Iceland maintain its tradition of freedom and escape the growing economic tyranny.

34. The time is long overdue to end private banking throughout the world.

35. Citizens of a country should not be forced to bail out Private Investments/Institutions especially ones who were operating outside the jurisdiction of their control. This debt slavery must not be allowed.

36. Let the boys in London pay, they caused it.


38. Good luck

39. All Australians of good heart and conscience support Iceland's stand against tyranny. Stay strong.

40. The Banksters are criminals. May you be successful against them.

41. The banking system, especially fractional reserve, is an immoral and illegal activity. It needs to be banned. Banking per se needs to be completely overhauled, made transparent and taken away from greedy private individuals and families.

42. There is no reason why a government through taxes from the people should be paying the debts from any private bank...

43. Debt slavery is a clear violation of the human rights of all Icelanders, Iceland can work its way out of the situation that it is currently in. Going into debt is an unwise and un necessary step. What is required is for each and every Icelander to be creative in their approach to how they live their individual lives and to work together as a community and a nation. This debt is for the private multi national banks debt not the debt of the every day Icelander. Let the banks take care of their own debt as they are responsible for that debt. Ver thru Heil!!! Johan Nielsen Gothi in training Sessrúmnir Kindred CEO and CFO of The Valhalla Project.

44. The Bankers Involved will wear the Debt! If not The European Royal houses will wear it! After all, they are the evildoers!! They will be found out too...

45. Stand strong. Good luck. Thanks on behalf of all of us!

46. I fully support the people of Iceland.



1. When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. God Bless. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


3. I respectfully support your people in the spirit of freedom and liberty. Education and activisim are powerful tools, and your grass-roots movement should shine as a beacon to free nations around the world. Draw your line in the sand and stand up for your rights and your nation, and the world will take notice.

4. The people of Iceland are very brave patriots. Americans have a lot to learn from these people. We need to follow their example and purge our country of the IMF and the evil banksters that have bankrupted our own country. The banksters need to be put on public trial and given the justice they deserve. More power to you Iceland!

5. The people of Iceland do not owe this fraudulent debt. And they don't need the EU, either. This is an attempt to enslave a proud and independent people. Stay free, Iceland--we support you!

6. I stand with Iceland in their struggle against the fraudelent fractional reserve and international banking systems that are using government action to create debt and devaluation of wealth in Iceland and in the United States.

7. Fight the banksters Icelanders, we are behind you!

8. Government should never force citizens to bailout unethical private corporations nor the criminals within those corporations. Never forget what happened recently in the US money industry. Government representatives who protect criminal wealth and endanger the economic security of the citizens they work for should be fined and imprisoned for their crimes.

9. i support the people of iceland in their fight, the first outright fight against the NWO and all of its subsidaries. i pledge full support as a citizen of the free world to stand strong for freedom and justice in iceland! DONT TREAD ON ME NWO SCUM!! sincerely, daryl c lanzon

10. Sign this petition, because Iceland is one of the first dominoes to fall. Time to take our world back.

11. I hope the Icelandic government makes every effort to bring the unscrupulous bankers of Icesave Bank, et al, to justice. Those bankers' assets should be used to reimburse the U.K. government, rather than imposing crushing taxes on the Icelandic citizens! The president of Icesave Bank doesn't even live in Iceland, but in the U.K.! Thank you, President Grimsson, for refusing to sign the unjust legislation, thereby forcing this issue to be more thoroughly investigated and/or voted on by the people of Iceland.

12. The best of luck to you guys up their, and hope you stop them.

13. The United States of America LOVES you Iceland!!! The world has received your message and that is: NEVER trust... offshore criminal banks and their fraudulent, deceitful, hateful, tyrannical, hostile takeover attempts of our nations. Keep fighting the good fight and know you ARE IN THE RIGHT.

14. hello, i just like to say that your freedom is worth more than any loan - I'd much prefer to see you forget the later!

15. Resist debt slavery; It isn't working in the rest of the world - it won't work for Iceland

16. Do s not ask the people of this tiny nation to shoulder a debt that cannot be paid back in a generation. foisted on them by unwise leaders caught up in the criminal exuberance of bankers with no stake in that society.


18. I feel for you. And thank you for giving refuge to one of the greatest Americans in history and arguably THE GREATEST CHESS CHAMPION EVER, Bobby Fischer.

19. There are millions of us that would agree with your stance against criminal bankers. Do not faulter because media does its best to cover the crimes of these criminals. Spread the word best you can and never stop fighting. We will win in the end.

20. We stand behind the people of Iceland to fight against all corrupt governments and NWO

21. I thank you and all the people of iceland for standing strong. You are serving as the beacon for the world against this goliath. We stand with you tall and proud! For you are not alone in this battle. There are many! Thanks for keeping upfull!

22. These fraudsters may be slick but not invincible. Keep fighting the good fight!

23. Stay strong Iceland, our prayers are with you.

24. We stand in unison with the courageous people of Iceland in their fight against corrupt government and evil international bankers. We love you, people of Iceland!

25. Stand strong, Iceland. You have support around the world.

26. Congratulations and continued prayers for the courageous men and women of Iceland. America,(I), and my household stand behind you 100%! These people are destroying one country after another and must be stopped! STAND STRONG!

27. Dear People of Iceland, We support you against the criminal banksters and the IMF. The whole world is watching to see how this plays out. I believe this will start a revolution against the criminals. We here in the U.S. were simply ignored and they went ahead with the bailout. They threatened congress with Martial Law in America and congress gave in. We will remember the traitors and the chickens come election time. You can be sure of that. Sincerely, Roman

28. You have my full support and my prayers. I greatly respect your cause against the baker parasites and wish my country had the same kind of fearlessness and conviction as you. Keep up the good fight and don't give up. God be with you all!

29. Just say "no" to the EU! The world is awakening to the evil of our day: NWO, IMF, World Bank. Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!

30. To socialize the losses of business failings of corporations upon the citizenry, using government and politicians as corporate enabler, guarantor, and enforcement agency is an outrage and completely unacceptable in a democratic society. It must not stand.

31. Way to go.

32. Sometimes to the small, to the insignificant does the Almighty on occasion lend his ear.

33. Wow! We need to work with Iceland so that we learn what we will need to do in the US in the coming months/years as they keep pushing us toward this same scenario.

34. I must say im ashamed of my own country (uSA) for not standing up to these banksters (DO YOU HERE WHAT IM SAYING PREZ OBAMA). All i can say now is Iceland you have given me lots of hope... Go Iceland !!!!

35. Without Justice, Courage is Weak -Ben Franklin


37. Go Iceland!!!

38. Stop the International Banking Crime Syndicate, they are criminals and must be stopped. Scrath that, they WILL be stopped. We stand together with Iceland for freedom for all humanity!!!!!!!!!!

39. Go Iceland. The us is here with you. Good luck!

40. Go Iceland! The average american supports you 100% Lets all stand strong against the evil financial masters of the earth!

41. The US Revolution was fought for independence from England's Central Banking System, as well as for Freedom from English Taxation. The situation in the US is now the complete opposite of the intent of our country as our central banking system lies within our borders. America is facing the same direction if Iceland, but many of its people do not know this yet as it has not completely transpired. There is a proverbial financial gun at the head of Iceland, but you can beat their trigger finger. Let not the central banking industries put your people into slavery.

42. Dont stop fighting for your rights! Keep it up, dont let the International Bankers scam Iceland. We cannot let these rogue banking corporations IMF, IIB etc. continue there illegal practices of financial terrorism.

43. Dear Birgitta, we love you; you are doing a fantastic job of leadership; and within the next few days, you should find the people of Iceland's way to free to yourself from the international bankers and IMF. If I am not able to contact you personally, I trust the word still will soon get to you. Warmest regards, mike montagne, founder PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy

44. Hopefully Iceland is only the first mass population to wake up. Help spread the word and wake up the rest of the world. It's simply a case of the worlds biggest bank heist in broad day light and everyone is in shock and disbelief about it refusing to accept it happened. It did, accept it and then take your countries back. It's not just Iceland they took yours too!

45. I fully support the people of Iceland against the criminal international bankers. It's time to create a world without the greed and misery these bankers have engendered. It's time to refuse to participate in promoting war for the sake of profit. It's time for all governments to speak the truth to their populations and to teach self-reliance and personal responsibilities.

46. God help us all in the fight against tyranny, and God bless those who fight!

47. We're with you, Iceland! Tell the New World Order scum to take a hike!

48. Iceland is now on the front line of the banking tyrants' attempt to take over the world. You are the vanguard of freedom right now. Dont back down. dont let them terrorize you. Dont let them devour your country or your will. Iceland for Icelanders. Your victory lies in your going to back to your old ways, your ability to live on your own, living off the land, and taking strength from the will of Odin. Live from the land and the sea and not from fractional reserve banking.

49. Don't let the banks or any government blackmail you its the consent of the victim they thrive on. "Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves." -Andrew Jackson-

50. You are leading the fight for freedom. Please continue to stand up against these banksters that have tricked the elderly from their money. They are horrible criminals that would do so. All patriots need to stand against this piracy

51. PLease keep the fight up. Just remember you are notjust fight for your self you are fighting for all of us and we thank you. Every fight you fight you slow them down weather we win or lose that fight, more time we get brings us closer to win. Every day our side grows stronger and we will win this fight.

52. I stand with the People of Iceland in the fight against the International Banking Cartel. We here in the U.S. are going to need the support of the Icelanders very soon.

53. We are behind you in your fight which is all of the world's fight against the bankers. You will not be forgotten or isolated. The people of the world are with you.

54. You're resistance to tyranny sets the standard for the rest of us to adhere to.

55. I wanted to offer some encouragement in your fight for self-determination and financial freedom. You are not alone in your fight, as the America people are stirring angrily as well. We too are sick of the International Banking Cartel's criminal behavior! We too are tired of state sponsored imperialistic behavior (including our own)! Continue to resist and be encouraged because your fight is a just one. Remember our common enemies fear us. Your efforts are being witnessed by the entire world - this has already dealt our common enemy a devastating defeat. The only way we can lose this fight is to remain silent and inactive. We are with you in spirit, and wish you swift victory!

56. We support you in doing what our corrupt government won't do.

57. Dear People of Iceland, Just to let you know that you have my support and that of my family. You are in our thoughts and our prayers. God almighty sees from heaven and sees what all these evil big bankers are doing to your people and also to all the people of the world (Psalm 2:1-5). Thank you for having given the American people an example of what it means to take a stand against TYRANY. Please don't give up. Continue the good fight and PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THE EU. That will be to sign your death sentence if you joing those tyrants. God bless you.

58. The IMF and "big bankers" are literally raping country after country. Iceland demonstrates great bravery to stand up against these corrupt bankers. Your country may be next. I stand with the people of Iceland!

59. Dont pressure Iceland to do this!

60. The Northern Lights are NOT for sale !! Say no to Ice Save !! David Boston Mass

61. Leave the people alone you crooks. Were taking back the world and it starts here.

62. I give emotional support to those in Iceland for justice!

63. The New World Order is going down!

64. No more tyranny! No more bait and switch! No more putting the interest of the "elite" over the interests of the people! GO ICELAND GO! We're cheering you on. You have great courage.

65. Hello People and patriots of Iceland. Keep up your good work on fighting the corrupt bankers and politicians in your part of the world. We are going through the same kind of persecution here in the States. We must all band together, and as one family stop tyranny around the world. Thank you for your struggle.

66. Show them they can't step on and enslave VIKINGS!

67. We must stand up to the criminal offshore banksters! And Stay out of the EU!

68. Hoodwinked again by banker/ predators. Jail the predators not the prey. Long live Liberty

69. The people of Iceland should not be responsible for the fraud that was foisted on them by the bankers. The bankers should be prosecuted not rewarded. People of Iceland do not give up. Stay out of the EU. God bless you!!!!!

70. Icelanders, You are the spearhead of what needs to be a global movement to stop the theft of the International banker thieves. Stay strong, the world is with you...I wish you proud people all the best Patricia

71. Stop the Bankster Gangsters now!

72. The British Government should stop terrorizing the people of Iceland.

73. What is going on here....... these royalist banksters need to be imprisoned

74. They want the people of Iceland to be their slaves.

75. don't pay...arrest the banksters

76. Hats off to you Icelanders, AZ4NORML applauds your efforts to stop the IMF and the UK and Nederland Banksters from ripping you off. We support you 100 per cent. Stop the Criminals

77. The debt is based on lies, don't pay it.

78. Every person in the WORLD needs to support the brave people of Iceland simply because today it's Iceland, tomorrow it's the rest of us. Iceland's people are standing up to the most destructive, evil empire on the planet today, the vampire banksters!

79. It's time to stop the ones who create the crisis just to make money and bring misery to many good folk!

80. Stop the central banks or be their slaves.

81. You Icelandic people are a coragious pioneering bunch . . . I hope this gives us (USA) the courage to fight as well and become once again the true symbol of Freedom that we once were but no longer are thanks to the evil that seems to rule us.

82. Never kneel to slavery. Let the banks fail .Tell the IMF, the UK and netherlands to go to hell.

83. "Vote for Liberty"

84. Live Free or Die Trying!!!


86. We in the world Freedom Movement are so very proud of the brave and noble people of Iceland in your stand against the Global cabal of parasitic Vampires and finanacial criminals. You are at this very Dark time in Human history a shining light of Freedom and self determination and a great example to the rest of humanity. You are not alone, there is a world movement rising to support you in this fight. Remember,. Truth lives a miserable existence, but it alway survives a lie. The lie is coming out into the light of day, while the Vampires scramble for the cover of the grave. Stand strong, be brave and know WE are with you,. The Free World Order.

87. This is Tyranny against the people of Iceland. We the free people of the World understand the financial crimes of the IMF and other criminal financial organizations. I support Iceland and its people, and dare you to try this in America, where you will not get one red cent from me!

88. You have our support! Be brave and pave the way for the rest of us.

89. All people are endowed with certain liberties, among those include the right to abolish conventions based upon propaganda. Fear can and should be met. It is the only way to subvert its power over the mind. Banks use this tactic to persuade governments, and the people they represent, to accept their governance or live in fear. Life has many shades of color between black and white. Please allow for the growth of humanity by allowing consciousness to arise without fear of reprisal. It is in our collective interests to serve a cause greater than fiscal responsibility. May the people of Iceland choose the course their country takes wisely, with confidence and love.

90. Great Respect to the people of Ice Land, standing up to the bankersters, may the force of Freedom be with you as I support you. World nations staggering under huge debts. Most of those debts are "illusionary" in the sense that the bulk of the loans come from banks which generate or channel "createdout- of-nothing" money. Don't let the Bastards Get you Down!

91. Hasta La Victoria!!!!!!! God Bless You All, we must stop these bankers.

92. We stand with those who dared to stand up first.

93. Pay them in yellow snowcones and nothing else. Keep the faith.

94. Evil must be punished. People have to be told. People in Iceland must be saved. The money masters must pay for their crimes. The New World Order will fall.

95. Rest assured, you have the support of the common man. We're tired of banker bailouts here too. We support you Iceland! Our hopes are with you to stand strong against the IMF and their world banking empire.

96. It is obvious the Banksters have looted ALL western nations and have set up their getaways in Paraguay etc. They know they thieved and are set to run,therefore we need to catch them before they do and try them for treason.

97. Thank you for making a stand Iceland. We here in California wish you best of luck in your fight. Give them hell!

98. people of Iceland, the fight against tyranny has to start here. Remember that David stood his ground and slew Goliath

99. May you all have the strength and endurance to lead the world against the banks. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere! God Bless!

100. We the freedom loving people of the WORLD need to find a way to ban together and stop all of these out of control governments from doing whatever they feel like to people who just want to live in peace with one another. The Internet is the only way we can come together now while we still have the freedom on it. LETS BRING IT ALL TOGETHER NOW.



1. It is totally rediculous that a whole countrie's citizens has to suffer financialy and being pushed into debt because of a bank's problems. Everybody who decides to invest his/here money knows the risks of doing so. It is always the same story. Big powerfull corporations and countries missusing their power against a small country. We as a free people worldwide should stick and stand together and no further accept this "legal corruption". This is an opportunity to unite as one against this legal maffia!

2. Greetings from Brussels.

3. These fraudulent banks are trying to enslave a nation.



1. Living in a country that went through the very same process Iceland is being forced to deal with, I can sympathize with their current predicament, and hope that they have the strength and courage to do what is needed for their people. Maybe, when they succeed, it will encourage others to follow...



1. Its almost comical, if it wasnt so unfunny. The banks are now borrowing money of a fraction of the intrest they lend out at. They are coining it in... And people who need the money cant get it. Its an absolute joke. The banks should be of service to the people and we should not be serviced by the banks.. Like the guy below says "HEADS I WIN TAILS YOU LOSE"... That should be the banks moto..

2. The people of Iceland should not have to bail out the banks with their own money.

3. The banksters are a festering boil on the arse of humanity and we need to lance that boil and get this poison out of our system soon as possible. I give my whole hearted support to the Icelandic people and wish them success in their fight against these criminals. They are and have been the ongoing malevolent influence on humanity and are responsible for most of the ills of our planet. Banking needs to be brought to its knees.

4. It's the people's world - not the bankers' world.

5. Iceland deserves our support, not only because they have clearly been defrauded but also because this could happen to any one of us. Perhaps if Iceland can beat the banks we all have a chance.

6. People of Iceland. You are not alone!

7. I support the people of Iceland. How dare you even consider paying private debt. Take it back from the criminal bankers who put you in this mess. United we stand divided we fall. Power to the people.

8. It is time for the bankers to be accountable for their actions. The people of Iceland should NOT have to bear the brunt of the banks mistakes. May the Icelandic people have the courage to stand strong and vote for what they believe.

9. The people of Iceland are speaking for the people of the world when they say they do not want our corrupt and loathsome politicians to give away our money to the greedy banks.

10. It is clearly ridiculous and unfair what they are attempting to do. It sets an astonishing precedence for what can be done to others. Iceland may be the first western country to be forced in this way, but it is also an oppertunity to set an example of fortitude for the western-world against such tactics. May the people of Iceland be brave enough to vote for what they believe in.

11. The people of Iceland should not suffer because of the mistakes of the banks. This noble country must be saved from poverty.

12. It is simply outlandish and unacceptable to place an entire nation and its people in a state of perpetual debt because of the unethical and seemingly unaccountable practices of a small number of people within the banking sector. The people of Iceland appear to have been absolutely misled and defrauded, and to try to invoke so-called anti-terror laws on the innocent victims of bad banking practices, quite frankly I find ludicrous.

13. Iceland is a unique and fragile nation. The morbid risk-seeking behaviour shown by a handful of businessmen and bankers must not be allowed to emburden the rest of this small nation of hard-working people. The international banking system needs serious reforms, as this type of thing keeps happening over and over again.

14. I disagreed on let the people of Island paying for the mistakes of all the financial sector.

15. Don't give up!

16. Do not allow the British and Dutch to arrogantly strongarm a smaller nation into shouldering a debt that, on a per capita basis, they would never dream of agreeing to. Have we learned nothing from the Treaty of Versaille? Bankrupting a country because of the principle of the matter is a lose-lose proposition, in the end.

17. Don't hold a population responsible for the greed of a few of its members.

18. Please read the following to understand how the IMF is a criminal/corrupt organisation:

19. I'm ashamed of our prime minister... Iceland is one of the last places I'd ever even think you could apply the terrorist law. I'm glad you have the guts to stand up to these political bullies. You have my support Iceland... Gangi ýkkur vel.

20. Real change and power to the people, by the people

21. I stand by the people of Iceland and any decision they make to take back control of the government.

22. If you fight back hard you can win and if you win you save the rest of the world from going through what iceland has gone through.

23. Terrorism laws should be used against elements of the British establishment not Icelanders. Sue Gordon Brown for libel...

24. May god bless the people of Iceland!

25. Remain free iceland.. having recently gained your independence do not sign yourselves over to the oligarchy again!

26. Full support to you guys.

27. The people of Iceland should not be forced to repay illegal debts to corrupt financial institutions.

28. Power to the people! No to slavery!

29. JP MORGAN TODAY PAYING OUT £9bn IN BONUS TO 24,654 STAFF. This really puts the debt run up by this private bank into perspective and over which Iceland is now being unfairly held to ransom. Good luck with your stand against what is the most evil, powerful and dangerous institution in the world. Do a google video search for "Money Masters" to open your eyes to what banking is all about.

30. People of Iceland, we of the UK are not against you. Our parliment are TRAITORS, puppets in every sense of the European Union. Our revolt is building too and I wish our people had half your strength.

31. It's crucial for Iceland and it's people to have sovereign determination for their future and not be enslaved by corporate banksters. The banksters are criminals don't bow down to them, we will support you! Power to the people!

32. You have my full support and that of my group, best wishes and good luck.

33. The British Government does not represent the British people. Why should Icelandic taxpayers pick up the pieces? So you can have the "privilege" of a LOAN? A DEBT to the IMF? No, No, No!

34. Good luck on behalf of all Scottish people! Also a small country with a big heart.

35. Destroy the bankers.

36. The most important petition i've ever signed ! To the good people of Iceland > I salute your strength, your courage and your indefatigability.Justice will prevail.

37. Maybe now people will wake up. Iceland today, us tomorrow??? People of Iceland, stay strong and tell your politicians.... NO.

38. We are all in the same place. Inflicting problems on others solves nothing. Peace and Love from: Thom of the family Norris in the 'United Kingdom'

39. No single person should pay for any bankers greed

40. Please do the right humane thing for your people and all our next generation to come in the hopeful future, rebel tyranny...

41. The EU, and the Elite behind the EU, have ruined Britain's and Ireland's fishing grounds - and now they want Iceland's. Also Iceland's wonderful standard of living, self-sufficiency and independence was an example to the rest of the world. It just had to be stopped. They want ordinary people the world over - STARVING in rags with NOTHING! Stuff the IMF and stuff the SATANIC EU!

42. Icelanders don't give in to this disgusting tyrannical behaviour!! You are fighting the good fight on the side of basic human decency, please keep it up for us as much as yourselves. good luck.

43. The people of iceland are not responsible for this debt -the banks are responsible for their own actions and shoulI fail and the depositors who foolishly put money into the accounts should put up with it.

44. If we tolerate this then our children will be next.

45. The 'common' people now understand the mechanisms of the vampiric inbreeding banksters to keep control and bring darkness to this planet through its owned govern-ments, illuminist foundations and NGO's force-feeding society; bringing these mutants and their cancerous ways out into the light of day where they can't stand open scrutiny will mean their lies erupt in a burst of flames, leaving their depopulation agendas of inbred insanity out in the open for everyone to see.

46. It is time to draw a line in the sand starting right now before total tyranny is imposed upon the world and its peoples.

47. It is time the "global" IMF, World Bank and over-riding of individual nations' sovereignty was stopped once and for all and that the bankers are put in place- either in prison or at the end of a rope!

48. I think this is a terrible thing to happen and I'm unhappy with it.

49. Our government robbed Iceland blind; we therefore need to pay them solatium/ reparations.

50. Even if you don't care about Iceland remember that it could be your country that comes next.

51. Iceland maybe the 1st, first world country to raped by the "Banksters" but if we internationally, DO NOT take a stand and support these gallant people it won`t be long until they the "Banksters" are stealing our savings and investments, YES I mean you in the USA, ME in the UK and everyone that lives in the Western world. Do you really want to live on your knees, while these "Bankster" thieves live it up on your hard earned savings. Time to waken up and give yourself a shake if you think this will never happen to you.

52. Vote no to repaying the money in your referendum.

53. The rich oligarchs that rule our planet shouldn't go TOTALLY unopposed. At least this might start waking the rest of the world up to our tyrannical world dictatorship.

54. This whole banking scam is a danger to everyone not just Iceland so you have my support, we live in interesting times...

55. Down With The New World Order.

56. I very disturbed by the way the economy of Iceland has been destroyed intentionally by an international cartel of private bankers. And I am quite simply horryfied by the way in which the Prime Minister of Great Britain has branded Iceland a terrorist state because the people of Iceland, rightly, do not want to shoulder the collosal debts incurred by the collapse of a private multi-national bank. The people of Iceland should not pay the IMF a penny. The IMF is simply a weapon used to bankrupt countries and enslave their people and governments in debt. We no know this from years of observing their operations in Africa and South America. Now we are seeing the same economic warfare being waged against the countries of Europe, North America and Japan. Enough is enough It's time fight these criminals and stand with the People of iceland. It's time to fight the enslaver of nations, the people behind these banking cartels - the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers et al.

57. This is partly happening to reinforce the work ethic for use (the slaves all over the world) Divide and rule a classic move by the NWO!

58. STAND UP AND JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

59. The people of Iceland should not have to pay for the folly of its bankers.

60. You are an example to the rest of the world that we no longer need to walk around like zombie sheep!!!

61. On Icesave; follow the letter of the law, - no to EU.

62. It's time to throw these crooked robbing banksters into prison, really enough already.

63. May the Most High God bless the Icelandic people, and bring the lovers of mammon to their miserable end.

64. I entirely support what you are doing in standing up to the fraudulent bankers. What ever you do, don't join the EU, it is an international organised crime syndicate. We were conned into giving away our sovereignty, don't let the Icelandic people fall into the same trap.

65. The people of Iceland should stand together and resist Gordon Brown and his loan-sharking government, who are mostly hated by the British people, of which I am one.

66. Because I am fed up of my country bullying and trying to enslave the rest of the world.

67. Say no to debt slavery - its a debt that will only grow and the slavery will never end.

68. Icelanders are not responsible for the debts of a private bank. If they agree to pay, they and future generations will never know prosperity. They will be slaves. Guys, you really don't have anything to lose by saying NO!

69. If only the rest of the world stood up to the global elite like Iceland.

70. Either Icelandic taxpayers or UK taxpayers are going to have to cover the cost of Icesave's collapse. Icelandic taxpayers elected politicians who decided to guarantee the money in these institutions. The fact that they are a mature democracy makes this a weaker case, not a stronger one. The UK is in pretty dire fiscal straits itself. However, I am open to the idea of forgiving part of the debt if it will prevent severe hardship. This can only happen if there is an international deal that makes it much more difficult for this to ever happen again.

71. I would like to see one of these for the uk aswell!

72. Why should hard working folk have to foot the bill for the failure of a few bankers, its time the people of the world woke up to the fact were being ripped of by these bankers.

73. The U.S. should keep it's hands off other people's countries. They only want you for your Geo-thermal energy.

74. I cannot believe all of this. It is truely awful

75. Your nation is being blackmailed into slavery. All over an electronic entry on a computer screen. That is no life.

76. As one we have the numbers and love to end this nonsense lets make this the beginning of their end . Iceland we are One.

77. Go Iceland. Stand up to the banksters and more countries may follow your lead.

78. Money AS Debt The Money was a fiction created by the debt.

79. Let us not have calls for help fall on our silent ears for when tables are turned and we hold out our hands, that we may expect others to hear our pleas. Iceland, you have our support!!

80. It is not for the people of Iceland to bail out international investors or corrupt government thieves who choose to invest or hide funds in private overseas banks, such as in Iceland. I say let that be a lesson to the likes of corrupt British Local Authority Councils, who in my opinion stole the money they had invested in the Icelandic banks from the British Taxpayer in the first instance. I have had enough of the hard strapped people by order of the government having to bail out the bankers who to this day still mismanage our money, while giving themselves ridiculous bonuses. The bankers as are the governments who keep on bailing them out with our money are laughing at all of us. If our government who claim to need more money from the already hard up tax payer to supposedly pay for local services from local councils, choose to secretly invest what can only be (SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS) millions of pounds of OUR tax payments in offshore bank accounts. Then not only do I say serves them right for now losing it. They have no right threatening the Icelandic people to pay this loss, it’s OUR money, and it should have never been there in the first place! I cannot see why no one is demanding an investigation into why British taxpayer’s money that should have been spent on local services ended up in private offshore accounts. SCANDALOUS

81. Brave people of Iceland, your example shows the way - We should all refuse to pay, bring this rotten system down and free ourselves.

82. Private losses should never be public ones. It's superb that the Icelandic people have enough democratic rights to be able to decide their future in a referendum. Here in Britain the bankers and corporations own the government.

83. We should not burden these people with debts of private multi-national banks they have already seen their wealth wiped out by the collapse of their currency.


85. The public Icelandic or otherwise should not be expected (FORCED) to bailout disingenuous self serving bonus obsessed private banks.

86. We admire you for your courage...

87. Brave people of Iceland, your example shows the way - We should all refuse to pay, bring this rotten system down and free ourselves.

88. Private losses should never be public ones. It's superb that the Icelandic people have enough democratic rights to be able to decide their future in a referendum. Here in Britain the bankers and corporations own the government.

89. People need to unite against these corrupt people. It should be just like Switzerland. Limit the central power so that all the decisions are made as local as possible. Do you know that in Switzerland the people individually vote on each person who wants to immigrate into the country. They have to write a 100 word comment why they should come in and the locals vote. I think that is amazing and how the world should be. Friends with all trade with all but alliances with none.

90. Iceland should not be held for ransom because of our greed.

91. I'm am disgusted that ordinary people all over the world are being forced to bail out bankers & the corrupt politicians that serve only oligarchs. If they take down Iceland who will be next? Enough is enough. Down with all forms of slavery, including the economic variety.

92. If the supermarket went bust would i have to pay there debt because i shop there?!?!?

93. Privatize profits, socialise debts should be refused by the populace.

94. Money is the root of all evil and this just proves it... enough is enough before we are all forced into slavery...

95. Privatize profits, socialise debts should be refused by the populace.

96. The Icelandic have been the victims of both the IMF and a few greedy individuals within their own country. Iceland needs to make a very brave steps in order to leave this fraudulant banking system and start from scratch. This can be achieved, Icelanders should start their own government backed currency without any paying any interest to any facist private banking system. There are people all around the world who support you.

97. This system is unfair.

98. I support the Iceland people whole heartedly, we should of let the bankers fail, the good ones would of survived.

99. Dont let them get away with it.. Its corporate crime.

100. Ordinary people must not be forced to pay for the errors of bankers. The root of this crisis lies with financial liberalisation programmes promoted by international organisations like the International Monetary Fund. Insufficient attention was paid by the IMF (and others) to the regulatory gaps and inadequate investor protection provided by the bankers to their depositors. It is not acceptable that the IMF, having failed to ensure adequate safeguards to protect depositors from banker's negligence, now tries to force taxpayers in Iceland to compensate for its own errors of judgement. It is also unacceptable that the bankers who created this appalling mess have not been prosecuted for their negligence. Were their actions fraudulent, and are they being investigated?



1. Absurdity!!



1. To pay for another's failures at this level is utter corruption. Stuff competing nationally about financial successes or whatever. To, in effect, financially enslave 'free' people is outrageous. We are seeing what we ignored regarding many 3rd world countries and, say, Africa. At this sort of level, things should be clear cut regarding responsibilities, and this was clearly the financial institute(s), not the honest peoples of the nation. Placing these debits and repayment rates is usury. The peoples of Iceland will have my full support in giving the 'finger' to the UN, the UK and the Netherlands. I am English and a US citizen and have spent most of my life living in England. Perhaps states, like the above ones, should spend more on financial education, instead of holding portions of a person's wealth in private pensions (ransom).



1. I hope the best for the Icelandic people!

2. Don't hold a population responsible for the greed of a few of its members.

3. Today we are all Icelanders. Please don't surrender to this obvious fraud. If you go down, we go down.

4. I send my support from Copenhagen. You need to understand why this collapse is happening per design. You are suffering from an economic Coup D´État. Start using gold coins and support each other. Search on google "Fall of the republic", "terrorstorm" "money masters" "Freedom to fascism" or visit my site: with lots of movies

5. END THE FED - and end all the international banking cartels and the oppression from Rothschild and Rockefeller et al.

6. Don't pay the Banksters. Dear Viking Sisters and Brothers, It's time to Fight, and we will join You.

7. Visit

8. The enormity of the actions being undertaken by the IMF, the Netherlands and this country sickens me to the core and is nothing more than a mafia-style tactic. May the Icelandic people stand firm and refuse to pay.

9. We hear you.

10. In eksponential-debt we trust...


Dómeníkanska lýðveldið

1. I am very aware of the intent of the international bankers and their corrupt agenda. Iceland is in a unique position to demonstrate to the world that "we the people" have the right and the obligation to say "no" to these criminals. I am proud of everything you are doing and am anxiously awaiting the outcome of your referendum. You have the support of millions!



1. No for the NWO and Bildebergers, Infowars FAN.



1. It must always be the one who benefits from crises who must pay out all the debts! Icelanders, stand firm and hang together! Estonia supports you and your legitimate desire to stay free!

2. We must all stick together to defeat the evil bankers!



1. People of Iceland, please continue the fight against debt-ensalvement. Your government officials do not have the right to use your money for paying the huge debt of the private bank. You are the ones that should be deciding and not those officials. If you would triumph against this fight for freedom, you will be a great inspiration to the lovers of liberty all throughout the world. Our support for your cause will always be with you. Stand firm and continue the fight for your liberty!

2. People in Iceland don' give up the fight against the NWO tyrants including crooked banksters and the goverment. Resist and Fight.



1. Nordic countries should stick together. Their MEPs should try to talk to British and Dutch MEPs to get them understand what 4 billion is for them and what it makes to Iceland. At least they should make a rational compromise and hope there would found more "cheap loan" for that from Nordic countries. This whole thing should be handled without IMF and their nice rob policies. So, people in Europe write to your MEPs!

2. I totally support your effort. We should all stand up against this tyranny.

3. I am with the people of Iceland in this matter.

4. Don't be duped by the fearmongering, brave Icelanders!! Best wishes from Finland!

5. Never submit. Never. The multinational banks and IMF should pay money for you.

6. For the people of Asatru.

7. The people of Iceland, we stand with you! don't give up your rights!



1. Are they stupid enough to sacrifice other's freedom and life for a bit more money? This is just crude and primitive, not worthy of our European government, so proud of their constitution and Human Rights...

2. Fight! We'll support you. You are not so lonely.

3. Don't give up to the IMF, guys!

4. Best wishes.

5. At least UK hedge funds have a DIRECT responsability in triggering the Iceland's crisis by speculating against its currency and equities... Don't let get you down Poeple of Iceland "They" are more afraid of us - the Poeple - than we could even imagine God Bless CG.

6. No to the New World Order !

7. Its becoming clear to most people in the world that the IMF and globalist plan intends to lower everyone's standard of living except the Elite few. Now that we know what's going on, its time for the scheme to fail. I want to give my support to Iceland's people who appear to be the test case for collapsing Western economies If it works in Iceland, the globalists figure, it will work worldwide. The people of the world don't accept this tyranny and we stand behind the Icelandic people in saying --- IMF and other globalist ventures --- take your bank debt and pay it off yourselves. Since you created the fraud. Power to the Iceland people. We're with you worldwide.

8. Kill the banks. All the banks. And will never be any depression. And don't forget free energy for a better world. Watch this this is the way to make a better world.

9. We have to stand together to stop what is happening in our world. None of the problems we are facing are the fault of the ordinary human being. Why should the Iclandice people pay for a debt that they did not create? They shouldn't.

10. Il n'est pas décent qu'un peuple doive payer pour les forfaitures de quelques malfrats je vous soutiens de toutes mes forces!

11. Wonderful people and country ... World have to take into account..

12. Pour plus d'impact, ajouter un commentaire personnel ici.



1. When historians look back to our time, I wish they see Iceland as turning point, a point in time when people began their journey to liberty. Remember liberty means freedom from government intervention and nothing else.


Hawaii - (Bandaríkin)

1. The banksters must be stopped at all costs. You must not allow them to impose their debt upon you. Stay in control of your freedoms and legislate the debt moratorium. Do not give in. Do not give up, for all our sakes in the free world.

2. The people of Iceland should not carry the burben of the private banks that caused this mess. I support the people of Iceland in not wanting to be slaves. It could happen here in the USA because are government and business in bed with each also. Be brave my friends and blessings to your cause. Aloha, Margo.

3. I salute the fighting Viking spirit of Birgitta Jonsdottir and the people of Iceland. I engage my full support to the courageous efforts of the Icelandic people; as they shake the parasitic, hyper-villainous, Anglo-Zionic, planetary virus from the land of their ancestors. To the Anglo-Zionic vipers: You have been served notice. Cease and desist from your tyrannically, insidious attacks on humanity - or you will find your disembodied heads on prominent display, throughout the centers of humanity, as the people of the world rise up against you! So let it be written; so let it be done!



1. Don't let the Icelandic people pay for the bankers' crisis!

2. $86,000 per family .. this is insane!

3. The fight against the bankers starts here! Iceland you have my voice!

4. You're are an example for a worldwide revolution

5. We cannot save the people of Iceland. But we can unite as a people and in unity save ourselves! I am proud to fight alongside the good people of Iceland!

6. Stay out of EU and there are also people here suporting you.

7. Don't make the same mistake as we did to the Germans after the first World War.

8. Down with slavery.

9. Money over people thats how they see it, I see a lot of those people living in lower dimensions for ever, money doesnt make happy we will have to stop living with money and start living with nature then will see who laughs last.

10. Make the bankers families pay it.

11. Iceland people are not responsible for what foreign people like to gamble with some private group in Iceland. I even know about one person who lost much money there who agrees completely that the money was simply lost. They gambled they lost. Do not pay 1 cent, please. This is the evil European elites playing with you, fight them to the death.

12. Stop enslaving the people of Iceland for the sake of a handfull of wealthy Dutch people who can live without this money! It is the fault of the banks, not of the people...

13. I'm dutch and dont want to own slaves.

14. As I'm Dutch, I am appalled by the strong arming and right out blackmail my government is practicing towards the good people of Iceland. I hear by give my support and also express the hope that the people of Iceland will win this battle. I also am ashamed by the silence of the dutch media and ignorance displayed by most of my fellow dutch-men. The dutch government is not my government (anymore) and I view them as usurpers of my country. Serial criminals, in the literal sense of the word. I hope we, one day, find the same courage as the people of Iceland have shown during this crisis and that we may rise up against our oppression as you did. We're all in this fight together as the New World Order Marches on. Peace.

15. It's not fair that the people of Iceland must pay for the actions from criminals.

16. The president of the Dutch Bank, mr NOUT WELLINK is responsible for this whole absurd situation, there should never have been a guarentee for this bank by mr Willink. I am Dutch, and hold mr Wellink personally responsible along with his IMF buddies who try to take over the world.

17. Iceland, you are in my thoughts daily! I sure hope the valiant people of Iceland have the courage to refuse to be robbed by the fascistoid banksters in The Netherlands and the UK. I also hope that Iceland will see the EU for the bureaucratic unelected undemocratic soviet style horror it really is, and not join.

18. You are an inspiration to us all!! Fight the power of the new world order!

19. One more inside job, one more false flag terror act against the human population.... power to the people... may god strengthen and bless the people of iceland and all of us who are under threat from these planetary thugs... throw the bums out... a grandma.



1. Go away you bankers and IMF!

2. The Thugs! Look what they have done to the Africa and Latin American countries over the years! Expose them!!

3. Its a public shame that a country like Britain and a world body like IMF have stooped so low as to push a country to the brink of debt-slavery. Britain should remember that they had committed many crimes during their rule of many countries previously and the blood of innocents still are on its hands. IMF has joined Britain this time to show that it only cares about money and not human lives. Shame on them.

4. Kepp going....!!

5. Any action / measure that impinges on freedom/sovereignty of country must be thwarted.

6. The people are innocent, its the bank fault. It is obvious. The world is going to support this great nation. Iceland is the greenest nation in the world and the most peace loving. I think this is an international conspiracy to break their spirit, as they are a model for the rest of the world. I support and with me I will make the rest of my country support them too.



1. The Madness has gone on long enough. Iceland we are with you. Stay Strong.

2. You can do it if only Ireland could wake up and kick out the IMF Good Luck

3. No to the Bankster take over and to the New World Order!

4. The light will overcome the dark.

5. You take a gamble, and you may lose. That is Capitalism. Why should the Icelandic people pay?

6. Lehman Brothers launched a huge conspiracy to crash and destroy the Icelandic krona. Imagine having a job where you seek to improverish a small, utterly peaceful nation. They and all their arrogant ideas are dust (good riddance) but Iceland still stands.

7. I hope the people of Iceland have the courage to stand up and fight the bankers that have ruined them financially. God knows they may be coming for Ireland next. I wish you well, be strong.

8. Goldmans Sachs made bets against the country going bankrupt. Time to stop these vampire squids

9. The people of Iceland would be well advised to retain *some* level of independence and freedom, and to make a further stand against corrupt/inept politicians and ruthless international bankers.

10. Peace, love and empowerment to the people of Iceland!!!

11. The people of Iceland should not he held accountable for the debts of a private company. This worldwide phenomena of privatizing gains and socializing losses where hard working people are held hostage to a small banking oligarchy backed by central banking and government must end, hopefully the people of Iceland will lead the way for more to follow.

12. Money is fiction and is worthless.1933 took care of that.

13. Time for a new monetary system where governments, not private families control a nations money supply.

14. Let the banks simply fold. Down with debt slavery created out of thin air!

15. The people of Iceland should not he held accountable for the debts of a private company. This worldwide phenomena of privatizing gains and socializing losses where hard working people are held hostage to a small banking oligarchy backed by central banking and government must end, hopefully the people of Iceland will lead the way for more to follow.

16. I support this petition. I support the people of Iceland who are standing up to this debt-slavery. I only wish the people of my country had the courage to stand up to these bankers but they don't. We are now faced with putting my Ireland into debt for generations to come. My best wishes to the people of Iceland.



1. I will create a startup with MediaWorks in Iceland. Whenever interested please email me at

2. Iceland's people did not default, it was a bank, which speculated to increase returns on money. Let the speculators lose, not a whole country's families and businesses.

3. May your fight be an example to the rest of the world to defeat these corrupt institutions.

4. Defeat the global banking mafia!

5. Icelanders have a right to decide how to spend their own money and not be saddled with debt for generations to pay off depositors in foreign countries who decided to take a risky gamble in high-interest Icesave accounts. The bank was PRIVATE, that the business turned out to be fraudulent is NOT the responsibility of the Icelandic people. If the public votes yes on the referendum then Iceland will join the 3rd world. Left, right, whatever, just defend yourselves, VOTE NO! No more banker bailouts!



1. Citizens of Iceland should stand up for their rights , enact new laws to protect the Citizens and arrest , then prosecute and send the criminals to prison.



1. NORDERLUND! STAND FREE! ..... The British government invoked a 2001 antiterrorism act to freeze an Icelandic bank's assets in Britain. "We're still on the list — in the wonderful company of al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Sudan, North Korea, Iran and a number of other entities — where we do not belong," Iceland's Prime Minister, Geir Haarde, said in an interview with TIME.

2. It's all about the global banking elite - the usurers - and their 'lies, deceit and deception.' And the design flaw of 'usury' is the killer machine. Kudos to the people-of-Iceland for taking a stand. Way back in the early part of the 20th Century Henry Ford said: (I am parphrasing) "If the people knew the truth about money and banking there would be a revolution tomorrow morning. There is lots of background information posted at The UsuryFree Eye Opener - do a search for it at any search engine and learn 'what you don't know you don't know."

3. We stand in unity with Iceland and any other country to defeat these criminal bankers. We must identify and resist all their phony schemes to enslave and divide us against each other. We will take back our world for the benefit of all people. Give them hell, Iceland!!!

4. I fully support the people of Iceland. Do not allow yourselves to become enslaved. Free Humanity!!!

5. The people of Iceland are peaceful people and do not deserve this! Let them be... and may this petition be a warning to you that the people of the world will not tolerate your incredulous greed any longer!!!

6. Thank you to the citizens of Iceland! This is an important battle that will help in freeing humanity from the insane tyranny we have lived under for far too long. Our prayers are with you. Lesa and Albert Lal

7. International finance has not in recent memory had anything to do with capitalism - which, properly, is decentralized trade among consenting individuals. This, this globalizing monopoly of central banks tied to funny money, fraud, ponzi investment instruments, and rogue corporate power is the spitting image of the Looters in Atlas Shrugged, and is rightly resisted. Good luck, Fortress Iceland.

8. Part of the political price for the invasion of Iraq was the sub-prime mortgage, which was the media of these failed banks. Write it off and don't do it again.

9. I support you Iceland, and all other countries who are fighting corrupt governments.

10. I support the cause of liberty all around the world.

11. HEY!! International Banking Cartels, I'm putting you on notice. Keep your greedy hands off my land of birth.

12. With the people of Iceland on this journey. Watch

13. I feel that the people of Iceland should not have to repay any institution, that believes the people owe under false means

14. I admire your gumption (shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness : she had the gumption to put her foot down and head [....] off from those crazy schemes.). You have my wholehearted support in this endeavour.

15. Screw the IMF. Power to the Icelandic people!

16. We need to stand together united against the Big Banks.

17. An open letter to the people of Iceland. Congradulations for excercising historic courage. The people of Iceland represent the spirit of humanity. You have set an example for this world not just your children. You need to organize your alternaitve media better to get information flowing independant of the media machine. Your work is cut out for you. I will do what I can to spread the truth here on your behalf. There is a signifigant contingent of Icelantic people here historicaly in Manitoba, Canada. Peace and love and the prayer of the creator be with you. With deepest respect. Dr. Joe Hawkins (,

18. You must keep fighting, there are more of us than there are bankers! We are with you and support you. May Iceland prevail against the "paper pushers" and their victory be used as the sword to decapitate all tyrrany.

19. Show no mercy against the bankster and New World Order criminals!

20. The world supports you. Stop the NWO

21. We will not be a new world order but a soverign nation amoung nations that will not stand for anymore of tyranny inflicted upon us from megliomanics drunk with power.

22. We got to get rid of this banking system !!!! And the people that run it !!!

23. The IMF, the U.K. and the Netherlands should take a hike. They've already ruined the lives of millions if not billions with their debt based fiat money and debt slavery. The people of Iceland should be free from this ridiculous burden placed on and their future generations.

24. Stand strong in your effort to fight the banks.

25. The population of Halifax the city I live in is 360000 and I as a freeman on the land would never pay back EXTORTION money to the international MAFIA [IMF, UK and the Netherlands]. Hold your ground my Icelandic brethren for one day they will write in the REAL history books about a sparsely populated but mighty people who stood their ground and toppled the first domino of the New World Order. P.S. Gordon Brown you and your 'City of London' backers have big kahunas for a so called leader who has NO electoral mandate! The House of Bauer will fall like the Cannon fodder they are!

26. Go people of Iceland, we stand behind you and with you in your fight against this greed.

27. It is obvious the Banksters have looted ALL western nations and have set up their getaways in Paraguay etc. They know they thieved and are set to run,therefore we need to catch them before they do and try them for treason.

28. Vivan los ideales de la Revolucion Mexicana!

29. Until we release the vampire squid (Catherine Austin Fitts' term) from every level of society, we will not be free to live our lives. There will always be evil people desiring control over society. It's up to us to make sure that we are free, and that we remain responsible to be free.

30. Iceland is at the forefront of the war being waged by the international bankers and associated corporate power elites against the human beings who rightfully own this planet! Iceland's fight to survive this dictatorial menace is everyone's fight. Long-live sovereign Iceland!

31. The banksters got a bailout, how about Iceland? Gordon Brown it appears is going to have a job in the banking industry after he leaves politics.

32. These Greedy bankers need to be stopped and the World must send a message that the World supports Iceland as we know we are next on the chopping block. The IMF and other Central banks have done enough damage and what the World needs is INTERNATIONAL MONETARY REFORM. The end of Central Banks period. Countries need to excerise their sovereign and run their governments on interest free notes.

33. I believe in freedom for all

34. The bankers are criminals. Imprison them

35. To freedom.

36. Proud to be an Icelander!

37. Please resist the IMF take over of your country! Resist the NWO. Good luck in your fight, the world is behind you, stay strong!

38. Set an example; aim to self-sufficiency. Good luck.

39. The lack of transparency in these transactions are not to be allowed. This was fraud. It is criminal and must be ended.

40. As a singledad that raised four children alone without a wife, in poverty I have learned one thing there are millions of millionaires and thousands of billionaries in this world and they DONT NEED ALL THAT DAM MONEY 9 11 was a inside job and all of us with brains know it Canadian farmers have guns LOTS AND LOTS OF GUNS UN REGISTERED GUNS we will stand up for freedom and freedoms rights

41. Don't be victim of these fraudsters. You owned them nothing, let them sink and die. Say no to slavery and stay independent, Europe is a trap, show them your ASS. tHE REST OF THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU, YOU WILL BE THE SIGNAL OF REVOLT.

42. Save Iceland from debt slavery!

43. If the IMF and World bank get away with this fraud in Iceland, no country is safe. Down with the NWO.

44. I wish Iceland well regardless of the outcome to their vote by referendum but I dearly hope they do right by themselves and the world when going to the poll. To vote in favour of paying for something out of obligation when in fact nothing was surrendered in kind or services by the thieves and yet everything seems extorted, well its all just too disgusting and beyond comprehension. I say good luck and be strong Iceland. Your Nation has weathered far worse than these parasites and survived it all. Dale Netley

45. It is wholeheartedly that I support your cause against the BANKSTERS of this world, Britain, Holland are slave driver and must be stopped in their CRIMINALS endeavors to destroy the middle class not only in Iceland but all over the world. Best wishes on the referendum.

46. Stop the bankers here and now!

47. Down with the NWO!

48. Let us all change the World and achieve real justice and the beginnings of true democracy.

49. Stand up to these scumbag bankers, you will inspire the world. The whole world needs to stand up to these leaches and unshackle ourselves from these people who would like to economically enslave us. You have my support 100%. All my best.

50.  The corrupt oligarchy/banksters must be prevented from impoverishing this nation, the people must rise up against this tyranny!

51. Always remember we out number the powers that seek to control the masses. don't put your children's life in the hands of corrupt bankers. The people of Iceland deserve a better fate.


53. The people are waking up. The central banking system is godless system.

54. This is highway robbery of the worst kind and must be stopped.

55. Please do the right thing, for Iceland.

56. Awaken within these digital forums but expand your passion well beyond it.

57. Defeat the banksters.

58. No one has the right to impoverish a nation based on monetary stipulations out of the peoples control. We must stand up to the guilty parties and deny the so called, dept responsibilities.

59. This can be easaly stopped if the people of the world were to withdraw all their money and not use a banking system to watch over it. Imagine if no body deposited their money into a bank account how messed up the imf and other banking organizations would become.

60. The International Monetary Fund should be arrested by Interpol for extortion!

61. The IMF is way too greedy and out of control. I believe if the world is united, they will know we are waking up and together we can beat them at their games. We have to do the same for third world countries as well. It's time we let them know their scams don't work.


63. My heart goes out to the people of Iceland. I can't fathom how the people of Iceland feel. Actually, this type of robbing of the citizens of Iceland is happening elsewhere, too. We the people can't let this type of take over prevail. The Global Elite are the very individuals that control the banking system. The taxpayers should not have to pay for the collapse of the private mulit-national bank. Paying taxes is VOLUNTARY. Look at the Constitution. Where does it state that individuals have to pay taxes? Let bankers pay for their own mistakes. That will never happen. Please look at the facts. Do your research. This is a Global problem. The Elite Bankers can't get away with this robbing of the citizens of Iceland or anywhere else! Peace and God Bless.

64. Iceland, if you lose this fight, we are all sitting ducks. My highest praise to the people of Iceland. You dare to change the dream!

65. If the people of Iceland bow to the demands of these corrupt bankers, you're fate will be far worse then anything they can threaten you with. If you repudiate this illegitimate debt burden things will also be hard at first but eventually your people and future generations of Icelanders will know true freedom and will reap rewards which few people or countries ever know. Repudiate this debt, arrest the corrupt bankers, otherwise if you throw them out of your country they will try to make an example of Iceland and bring you down by other means. Arrest them for fraud and the world honour the people of Iceland for leading the charge to true feedom.

66. I support the people of Iceland and the work of Birgitta Jonsdottir. The banksters need to be stopped. God bless all your efforts to keep from being their financial slaves. Banksters run the governments of North America and have kept my peoples (Indian Tribes) prisoners on our own land for centuries now. When the "majority" allow such injustice to a "minority", it isn't long before the majority are faced with the very same injustice. For this reason, we need to support one-another and stand together. Idea> I recall some detail on the illegality of USERY dating back to the 1200 AD era ... don't know if it's true or if it could help Iceland (if it were true). Anyway, I support you all whole heartedly.

67. These Global Elites really are criminals! We need to stop these over paid thugs and psychopaths!

68. Everywhere you look there is a criminal in a business suit watching people work and collecting a bonus on their labor.

69. I like the idea of referenda on matters such as this. Bravo to the president of Iceland and best wishes to the people of Iceland. You are setting a good example for all of us.

70. Debt Forgiveness. If impersonal, corrupt businesses and banks are "assisted", how much more should we assist our Sisters and Brothers (from another mother). : )

71. The people of Iceland have been robbed and should keep their sovereignty and the bankers should follow the legislations that the people of Iceland introduce. The people own Iceland, not bankers.

72. To you tyrans, you won't win, you will fall.

73. The Federal Reserve has no business in any country!! It needs to be abolished!!

74. Arrest the banksters, like this petition will do any good. The ones with the power to change anything dont care about you.

75. Fight the tyranny! First Iceland, then who's next? We have to wake up and fight the banksters together!

76. Arrest the banksters!

77. What kind of world are we living in? Greed and power will not get rid of your problems Rothschild. We the people will make hell for you banksters. It's coming soon.

78. This unprecedented financial extortion of a democratic nation via the collapse of a private multi-national bank concerns us all. We the people of the world cannot be forced into debt by no fault of their (our) own. Fractional reserve banking is no more than a Ponzi scheme, essentially theft by the central banking cartel. If passed this action is akin to slavery for generations to come.

79. People of the World UNITE!

80. Fight the IMF and don't let the private corrupt bankers steal money from you , know that if they can do this to iceland , we are all next!!!

81. Do not cave in to pressure from banks.

82. Stop extortion.

83. To all Icelanders do not let a private banks financial misdeeds ruin you soverign country. Just look what they have done to Americas currency and its effect on our economy.

84. Citizens of any country should never be held liable or feel responsible for a private multi-national bank or corporation debt. Why are the people who have no say in these matters always the ones expected to bail out these organizations who will just turn around and do it again?

85. No more bailouts for thieving bankers anywhere.

86. I thank all the people in Iceland for their courage in standing up to this tyranny, the same tyranny that we are all now facing.

87. This situation in Iceland is a beta test for other country in the world.

88. The true international terrorists with global reach are the international criminal syndicates laundering their illicit proceeds through the international banksters (gangsters) along with their corporate, political, and scientific (ClimateGate) lackeys. See and

89. The extension of debt is a real risk the lender knowingly assumes, in a relationship which is founded upon the satisfication of mutual self-interest. This relationship was struck with legal entities which now no longer exist. They are dead and gone. To assume the further extension of the relationship to now make debtors of the Icelandic people, in the aftermath of of the dissolution of the Icelandic banking entities, is a form of arrogance and desperation which only seek self-interest with not one thought of mutuality. Reparations demanded with no thought to whose innocent pockets repayment is made, is a form of self-blinded tyranny and reckless disregard. This is not a solution. And the Icelandic government must not place the country and its people at further risk simply in an attempt to assuage its own guilt for its responsibility in letting this happen in the first place. Struggle for a better solution!

90. It's not the citizens debt. We see what your doing.

91. Walk in a rally, talk to anyone who would listen and distribute to media via email the points needing to be made. Your favourite program may be interested in this predatory financial practice. It's easy to do and the rewards will be heart warming.

92. I am in total support of the Icelanders and their fight against the tyrannical banksters. We the people, are not ignorant of their (IMF) devices. We know you banksters are frauds and criminals, and we stand against you, as we stand with our brothers and sisters in Iceland. Be strong and of a brave heart Icelanders, be thou very courageous. With love and respect your Canadian friend.

93. Private banker debt is not a public burden! Don't pay or it will never end. Thank you Iceland for standing up to the banksters.

94. The IMF needs to either provide similar treatment for all banks involved in the fiasco or leave the Icelanders alone.

95. It's a true shame how these elitists control our lives. How long will we live under bankers thumbs?? Whats happening in Iceland now soon will be happening everywhere. Youtube NEOWOLF2013 for a world of truth or Down with the NWO and elitist bankers!!!

96. Iceland is the canary in the coalmine. Stay strong.

97. As a fellow scandinavian I stand by my brothers and sisters 100%. I left Denmark because of corrupt goverment and now live in canada where its even worse, all goverment need to know that they are not our leaders but our employees, and they must stand accountable for their crimes, lets all stand strong.No more bad loans (shackels).

98. The banksters (viz., the investment banks, the central banks of many sovereign nations, the IMF, and World Bank) have a well-defined history of destroying nations, many of which are democracies (e.g., Argentina). [For some of that history, please see Harvey, D. (2005), A Brief History of Neoliberalism (New York: Oxford University Press).] The craft of the banksters was perfected on nations of the 3rd world, and now that craft is being trained on nations of the 1st world .. with Iceland being the first 1st-world case. Nowadays people worldwide speculate on which sovereign nation will be the "next Iceland". Will it be Greece, Italy, Spain, ..? This situation is absolutely dreadful!! The machinations of the banksters must be stopped!! Good luck to all Icelanders in this battle. They represent the troops on the frontline of a battle that may becoming to a town near you!!

99. The Left and Right are Redundant, Focus on the issues and be the change you wish to see in the world. I commend you and hope us in Canada can follow your great example.

100. It is interesting to see that the people we elect to protect the things which we hold so dear end up betraying us. The youngest of our society are the one's who end up suffering the most by the corrupt acts of those in power. I hope that you see the true lies behind the curtain of ignorance shared only by the elite and the corrupt. Braeden.



1. Keep at it. May peace reign in Iceland again soon.

2. THE TIME IS NOW. It is absolutely crucial we all understand this is not about just "saving Iceland". This is about saving ourselves. It is about saving the majority of the world population from the tyranny of the bankers who make up the upper echelons of society. They are now making their final move. If we allow them to succeed, they will have amassed enough of the wealth on this planet to ensure the enslavement of the rest of the population - at which point, you will not have a fighting chance, even if you decide then you object to their tyranny. Walking away from this petition is turning your back on the freedom of your own children, no matter what country you live in. They are not "Icelanders" - they are our BROTHERS. We must stand by them in this global fight against the corrupt bankers. REMEMBER - there is POWER in numbers. SHOW THEM. Thank you Iceland for the courage to stand up to the corruption. You have our support! Pass this on to EVERYONE you know.


Kosta Ríka

1. This is a travesty that a nation once the 5th richest in the world has been reduced to a debtor nation overnight. Iceland must vote to ignore this illegal attempt to financially hijack the country.



1. Forza Iceland, down with the NWO, banks, and debt!

2. Do not obey, and no one will rule over you. Try not acting in anger, rather love to each other, as this is your real chance in making a difference. NWO will fail in their attempts, a lot of people already woke up and will not tolerate this anymore, love & peace to all.

3. The people of Iceland have done nothing to deserve this fate. You have the Zeitgeist Movement's and my personal full support. This insanity must stop!



1. Hey Iceland keep up fighting the beast.

2. You have the support of all the free minded people. Keep up the good fight.



1. The many should not have to pay for the mistakes of a few. Each of us has the power to change the world for the better.

2. The Game.

3. Latvians support the people of Iceland.

4. This is just wrong.


6. Hold your freedom! Dont't pay for banksters!



1. I support you.



1. We the people of the world are with you!!



1. We want to live in the world of peace, abundance and freedom. We do not want to live in the world of fear based mentality and this ''have to work to earn a living'' mentality has got to go, because this brainwashed ''quote'' alone has caused alot of emotional problem on an individual level such as myself and they're alot of people out there feel the same way as i do. We also do not need war, we do not need poverty, we do not need debt and force the common people to work just to earn a living. I believe that people can get along well with eachother, people just need to understand the connection that they have towards eachother. We are all one and this is not some hippy religious mumbo jumbo, this is how the true reality works, even people like albert einstein,ghandi,nikola tesla,etc will say the same thing, we are all connected to the universe. So politicians, please address this issue because we do not need these problems, it is very unnecessary, we can create a peaceful world together if the people choose to do it, we all have the power. Peace and love to all.



1. Let the war against the banks (and all usury) start.



1. You have all my support and stay and fight together like a country Iceland and don't give up.

2. Im glad the people of Iceland are standing up against tha bankers, who only seek to enslave people through debt. We have to stop these "BANKSTERS", not only in Iceland, but throughout the world. People of the world unite against them!

3. Banking institutions have gone too far and have gotten away with way too much. Fight the good fight. The people are behind you!



1. Banks: "Heads we win, krona you loose"

2. Am happy to see that you stand up peacefully and ask for justice, you give hope and your struggle have my support.

3. Be free! Stay out of EU! "The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men" - Plato "[In politics] Left and right mean nothing. The only thing that counts is, are you working for Wall Street or are you trying to defend the people against the financiers?"- Webster Tarpley

4. Jeg er ikke fornøyd over de Nordiske Regjeringers innsats i denne saken

5. We stand by you in Iceland in our fight against those forces that want to enslave us all.

6. Vi statter dere Island. Ikke betal penger til skurkene.

7. Greetings from your neighbor in the east. I'm truly proud of our brothers and sisters in Iceland. If you stand up against this beast you will forever set an example for the rest of Europe and the world. You have my fullest support!

8. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

9. Never give up the fight against these greedy people. What saddens me is the seemingly zero initiative from my country, Norway. What has happened with the solidarity?! I just wonder if the Norwegian politicians would have expected the same treatment if we were in the same position?!

10. If you settle for nothing now you'll settle for nothing later.

11. We Norwegians are brothers and sisters with Iceland, and it is with shame i see that my country refuse to loan Iceland money before they sign the IMF slave contract!! Say no and fight the bank mafia !!!

12. I support Iceland against bankrupt bankers.

13. Statter dere, kan ikke være slik at befolkningen Deres skal lide fordi det er noen griske inkompetente kommuner i England og Nederland samt de oppblÃ¥ste Islanske bankene. Terra skandalen her i Norge kan vel sammenlignes, der kommuner invisterer i ting de ikke har peiling pÃ¥. Tro hvist Norge skulle ha anlagt sak mot USA pÃ¥ grunn av det.

14. End Bankers monopoly of fractional reserve banking worldwide. End fractional reserve banking. The concept is insolvent by its nature and only causes enormous booms and busts.

15. We are proud of you who say NO to tyrants. People of all nations are behind You. We can be the next country to be hit by these crooks. Remember They are the criminals and terrorist them self. Shame on You UK and Netherlands!

16. Guð Blessi Island!!

17. Investigate the Builderberg Group...!

18. I support Iceland against bankrupt bankers.

19. We are the people, stop think and act.

20. Keep going strong

21. It is unfair that the Icelandic population to pay back the money as a private bank has used the Icelandic population without their consent. Now, justice must come forth, Before the bank and the judiciary will lose all credibility. People all over the world see what is happening now.

22. The criminal central bank mafia of the west should be disbanded and belongs in jail.

23. Don't destroy the lives of 317.000 INNOCENT people!! This is the work of PRIVATE banking industry, not the normal puplic. The puplic of Iceland have done nothing to deserve this! This is not FREEDOM, this is called SLAVERY! How would you like it if someone told you (a.k.a.BRIBED you) to pay 86,000$ for nothing?



1. Please reject the bankers demands. If you let them pillage your country, we will be next. Just ask what more we can do to support you.

2. Everyone is right behind you. Go Iceland. In NZ we have 3 million people and Hillary Clinton in visiting our PM at the moment - scary. You will succeed. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. You have so many people out here cheering you on. You are in our prayers - don't back down you are in the right.

3. Please do not subject the current & future generation of Icelanders to the debt slavery attempt by the IMF, British & Dutch banks.

4. No nation should be at the mercy of NWO scams.

5. I watch in horror with others of the world the complete criminal behaviour of these bankers! I am whole heartedly behind everyone in Iceland. Love and light and strength in your fight. Aroha nui.

6. The people of Iceland are not alone. The IMF is the most vile institution on the face of the planet (along with the World Bank), agree to their terms and you'll become slaves evermore, or worse. To stand up and resist the IMF is crucial to all nations, not just Iceland. The EU is not much better, please Iceland, do not join the EU. Iceland, you are not alone. The good people of the world are behind you 100%.



1. All i can say is I have support and sympathy for u ppl but one thing is clear here that ur condition has opened the eyes of the whole world god speed iceland



1. People of Iceland please help us fight against tyranny. Vote against paying this debt.

2. There is no sense to Icelands people pay a debt they did not maked. This is pure Banking Terrorism! Is the people who runned the private multi-national bank who should pay. This is a fault of moral and ethics. Change the human paradigm, evolve! Be in peace Iceland!

3.  We must resist. I am with you people of Iceland.

4. Without saying much, all people of and over the globe should not pay and get the responsabilities for the CONSCIENT mistakes that few ones Do under the laws and protection of the so called DEMOCRACY. It is not a question of Idealism, but a natural and Logical clearing of the situation should Be concerning the fews ones allowing and making such IRRATIONAL actions. Lets send GOOD and POSITIVE energies to the Human Rational Beings.



1. You have my full support.

2. I wish to express my support for all Icelanders... You are NOT responsible for the financial crisis caused by the international bankers! They took the risks, they gambled the money away! Do not let these financial terrorists and UE beurocrats scare You into paying the debts of the elite- if You accept their terms they will ruin You... Iceland is the frontline in this fight against global tyrany and debt enslavement, I wish all its citizens god speed and best of luck in this noble struggle- Give us an example, dont give in to their oppression!

3. Say NO to system!

4. I say NO to any form of slavery!

5. Private businesses are not the concern of people who are not the OWNERS of that business. If they fail, that is their problem. When they make money, it is their money. I do not recall any major bank sharing their profits with those that are bailing them out in the US. So why should be any different. Don't allow yourself to be a credit slave, which is exactly what happened to Haiti to name but one example of this. IMF is not there to help you.

 6. Join our strength people! We will help Icelanders we will help ourselves!


Puerto Rico

1. Go vikings, you are strong people, the world is wtih you I support the people from Iceland



1. Be strong and stand up against the bankster parasite! The whole world is watching you. Go Iceland!

2. Down with the NWO

3. Share this with every people, its time to inform everybody and stand together!

4. Power to the people!

5. Why do we have to pay to live on the planet that we were born ? Freedom for all of you Icelanders and for all of us! Peace and serenity.

6. For the people of Iceland: DON'T PLAY THEIR GAMES ANY MORE! Now you have the chance to be an example to the world. I hope you will defeat them not by fighting, but by choosing a better way, maybe creating a new self sustaining economic system...

7. Power to the people!


Sameinuðu arabísku furstadæmin

1. Please!!! Let's try and leave a better world for the generations to come.

2. I am a British Expat who has been following the engineered banking crisis for nearly 2yrs. If a private entity goes bust, in my opinion, there is no way the people of that country should pay for the banks mistakes through imposed taxes. Its a disgrace and I am ashamed that my country would bully the nation of Iceland like it is doing. It is not the fault of the is the collective fault of the banking cartels. The USA started this whole house of cards, engineered financial breakdown. The clues and facts are there for all too see. Other nations should have the courage to do the same as the icelandic people and revolt. If other nations are afraid to revolt then they should surely support Iceland and set a precident. This is a fantastic chance to break the NWO from being formed on all fronts. As the saying goes "the way to truly hurt a man is through his wallet"...Iceland can deal the first powerful financial blow which should be support by the people of other nations!



1. I hope this kind of governments simply fall themselves, and never rise again!



1. Down with the New World Order. We need to support the people of Iceland. Once they're down, next will be Greece and Portugal. Please everybody, let's unite and fight the tyrants behind the global financial scam of derivatives and Carbon Credit fraud. Edmund Ng CEO, President

2. Get the money from the banksters not from the people...



1. I see through the manipulative schemes of IMF and central banks. I see through their corporate arms that enforce their so-called relief investments. I recognize the kleptocracy, and I know that political freedoms mean squat when you're economically indebted. This is a power grab, and Im a bit less stupid this time around.



1. Just say no!

2. Fight the evil bankers

3. All my support for the Icelandic people, vote what is right for you and your country on the referendum.

4. Don't give in Icelanders!!! Show your northern greatness!!! Don't have to pay a debt that is actually not yours... Private banksters to pay their own mess!!!! You have the chance to open a door for the rest of the world!!!

5. This is outrageous. It's the bankers who commited fraud who should pay. Let the people of Iceland free.

6. Iceland today, everyone tomorrow.

7. "1984" that's where we're heading for if we don't join together . It's we the people.

8. Es vergonzoso.



1. The autocratic and secretive enslavement of peoples and countries by the IMF through usury must be exposed and resisted.

2. IMF has impoverished most of Africa, the Caribbean, and south America, let's not add Iceland to the list.



1. I've been to Iceland to collect my design prize in 2008 just before the crisis. My impression was they're spirited and strong but kind people. They don't deserve this nonsenses. As everyone knows, it's few greedy private bankers we should blame and people of Iceland should declare default!



1. If Iceland is forced into slavery by the banks, then no one is safe. It must stop here. The bankers have been the arch enemies of humanity for centuries. Now is the time to stop them and crush their operations to dust.

2. To the people of Iceland: You did not borrow the money, the crooks at the banks did. It's NOT your debt. Do not agree to pay someone else's debt.



1. Your country could be next. Save Iceland.

2. This is what all of us prolly have to do in sure time. IMF is at the door.

3. This is WRONG!

4. Power to the people!!

5. Free mind, Free will

6. We are with you Iceland!

7. En liten tanke fran Sverige. Heja Folket av Island!!!

8. I admire the Icelandic people's courage to stand up against the money power of the world - you have my full support.

9.The people of Iceland is showing the kind of NWO resilience that we all will need in the future. I can only feel pride!

10. For all swedes: Google Ekonomisk Reform. And go Iceland! Create your own currency! Do what a sovereign country should be able to do, make an example of Iceland and lead the rest of the world towards currency that values humandkind and our nature!

11. Debt-slavery is NOT okey.

12. Leave Iceland alone banksters!

13. Please show your humanity and do not pay these criminal bankers!

14. Stop the one world banksters!

15. Klam åt de som tjanat pengar på svindeln, inte islandska pensionarer.

16. Interest on money is wrong, and if every nation of the world owes money the question is tho who?!! We the people of the world demands our planet back, because we never had the right to sell it.  It belongs to the living, not corporations or states!

17. I wish for the people of Iceland to keep what is theirs and be able to stand on their own feet. If the people of Iceland say No to paying for the banks that will send a heavy message to the peoples of other countries.

18. All love and support from your fellow Scandinavians in Sverige!

19. IMF are crooks

20. Icelanders - Stand your ground firmly against this cabal of ruthless international criminals. The clock is ticking for every nation on this planet. YES, that's exactly what this is about. As focus turns to Iceland' predicament this brings an opportunity to open the minds of the Peoples of the World to the real facts behind the inherently dishonest system of the "Fractional Reserve Banking" System practiced in all of Europe, U.S. and throughout the World. The "Central Banks" in the U.S., England, Germany etc are NOT by and for the People/State, the are PRIVATELY OWNED "BUSINESSES" WITHOUT ANY FORM OF AUDIT OR REVISION WHATSOEVER, they print money almost as best they please and they charge YOU, the People, interest of every issued dollar(etc). Yes this is true, but never discussed officially, most people have NO CLUE. Fraudulent aswell as socially and economically destabilizing hole nations, hence the World. It is a system of debt-enslavement. Why do Nations really go to war with each other. Research this yourself, but not in mainstream media/historybooks for they are owned by the same interests. My thoughts are with You in this great undertaking. Recommend "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins for the true background leading to Icelands situation. It has been manouevred out of almost every bookstore, and out of print. But you can still find it on the internet, which some interests are trying to change radically and beyond recognition, China style. These criminals are hijacking humanity. Connect these dots and take a stand, make the change. Humanity needs to wake up and rid itself from this enslavement. GO ICELAND!!!

21. Is the responsible people in jail? If not they should!



1. This NO is not just an Icelandic NO to this wrong system we are living in. It is a question for the rest of the nations if we want to live under this dictatorship of the banks. We MUST unite in our fight against the banks and theirs wrong doing. My full support to people of Iceland and say NO in your referendum about debt in February!!! Jan Pribyl (Czech Republic).

2. I hope all ends well for you and your nation. You have not done anything illegal to anyone and no one should request the annihilation of your nation. Private property is private property - as one cannot share a rich man's wealth, one can not share a rich man's debts, no matter what nation he/she comes from. The financial oligarchs want to change the rules so that the gold is only theirs and private, but the losses are paid by everyone - we cannot allow this to happen, this is immoral, illegal and against all natural rules and logic, against life in its essence. No one forced the UK & Netherlands to let your banks open branches there and it is ONLY their regulator's fault they failed to realize this was dangerous and stop it. They should pay for this "stupidity" now, even though I still think it was a deliberate plan how to get you from the very beginning.

3. We are with you people of Iceland! Push your politicians to stay with you and not against you!! This is valid for all people and nations of this depressed World! Push our elected leaders to listen us!!

4. We need to be united in these times.



1. The nefarious Anglo-Dutch combine of parasites, vampires and criminals must be fought and defeated for the sake of human society. Power to the people of Iceland!



1. The Bankers are Gangster's they become rich from other peoples energy & labor. Not 1 cent should come out of the Icelandic Peoples pockets to pay back these CRIMINAL'S!!!!!!!!




1. It's great to see so many people standing up for the truth and refusing to be victims of this huge banking fraud!



1. "We won't pay for YOUR mistakes!" - Neither should the people of Iceland!

2. People of Iceland, this crisis is a historic chance to transform your country into a truly free country that could become a role model for others. Stand up and say no to Debt Slavery! Don't give up! You have my full support! While you are at it, you could also pass the laws proposed by Wikileaks! If so, I might immigrate to Iceland ;)!

3. Stand up everyone and whack'em!

3. While the banks go about business as usual, the population of an entire country has to suffer. Absurdity.

4. People of Iceland, you are not responsible for the banks actions. You have my support, especially if you turn your country into a free one by supporting Wikileaks politically :-)

5. If banks would stop playing with money to make money out of nothing maybe this wouldn't happen. Put people first, business last.

6. Don't let them slave you.

7. Iceland is one of the beautiful countries in this world, and it's people are great. Money shouldn't roule the world. Let love roule!

8. Be the Island of freedom and the Iceland of beauty. Be a place for the freedom of the bit!

9. All the best!

10. To freedom.

11. We the people of the world should have the power over ourselves, and not the banks. We must stand together united and fight for freedom.

12. It is a crime to extort money from the public after the financial collapse of a private bank. Slavery is an even worse crime, this includes debt slavery. Vote against it. If this does not work, emigrate.

13. Do not accept the banksters demands. Your struggle is for all of us. Thank you for your bravery...

14. Strength, power & love to you people of Iceland! Keep up your righteous fight against the international banking cartel and set an example for all freedom loving peoples around the world! I salute you!

15. No one was asked if one wanted to have such a discusting Money System. Debts dont exist! Money is Nothing! Ist just a construct to supress people. Like the matrix. Welcome in babylon!

16. We entirely support your movement and whatever you do just don't give up. Giving up your freedoms and rights equals accepting death. We the people possess the necessary strength, if we work together to stop this malignancy from taking over our healthy rational and unequivocally moral ways. The new world order scum will not enslave us or anybody else as long as people will stand up to them.

17. Good luck Iceland.

18. Fight the NWO! Don`t let them take control!

19. I find it very important to use this chance of creating a save haven of freedom for the inhabitants of Iceland who are not guilty for anything but trusting their previously established "government".

20. Break the IMF, freedom from slavery, imprison banksters and mono-politicians, or at least reeducate them, love and light


Armed Forces Europe

1. I was born in Iceland and do not want to see it lose some of it's freedom.

2. I was stationed in Iceland for a couple years. I love the country and the people. They are not responsible for this economic collapse and massive debt and should not be forced into paying it off. Why should they float the bill for this when they had nothing to do with the private banks' funding decisions or the creation of investment vehicles that contained absolutely no asset value and created the global economic crisis in the first place?


Armed Forces Pacific

1. Corporate Banks need to be accounted for not the people. How is throwing debt amongst Icelanders going to solve the problem? It's only a matter of time that this will happen to us back at home.


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Samantekt: Helga Garðarsdóttir

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